abstract colours 

Deep snow stories, killing the warmth inside. They don’t go away. A cats fur deals with the sensory pain, her pur keeps me awake and suspressed my mood. Claws, she is evil, black she has the devil and meow of a lion she helps me gaurd against my unwanted thoughts. Nothingness spreads as Darkness hides beneath the beds of the old and new. Immortality sells to the youth, her lies is taken as true. 

I look forward to the sleep and resent the morining bliss, no indentity has appealled to my soul’s love and kiss. Santiana calls me but im too shy to ask her, my honour with my master, my whimsy desires wants her. Overly humble, I lower my gaze burns my blood, I wait for better days. The rain comes and washes away, turns my life from straight to spherical, trapped in a bubble of filters of bars and wires. It hurts me, I do not know it because it controls the things which control my desires.

I love the fame but my eyes hate it, It makes me cry and sweats my lies. I fear hypocrisy and falsehood, denied by the superficial affluent. What’s wrong and what’s right is to me not as simple as black and white, colours have their shades my life can be coloured in many different ways. Knowledge is filled but confidence has killed, my intentions for those who are in need, but execution hurts more than to bleed. Procrastination has built a sturdy foundation, it calls to my boredom and steals whats left of my motivation. It has been there ever since i was surrounded by those close around me.

My stinginess towards money have caused my circle of camponions to leave my unintentional poverty. I write to no one except this, it is where I write my troublesome deeds and habits. Doing nothing wrong means you are still doing something wrong, your comfort and home because your barrier to explore and find the other colours which have not been found, those who have only tasted the depth of the earth are those whose existence can be found. Conquered lands but unexplored worlds deep inside the frozen cold. 


I once stood next to you

We shared the same experiences and memories that will forever last,

looking back at the blades of grass and the skies we use to walk past. 

The moments, the achievements, the emotions I shared with you.

 Day by day we were victorious, together our defeats meant something new. 


As the world pulls us apart, 

seeking the cold, fools only give up on their heart.

Why have the thought of ending such a beautiful existence ?

The crave for resignation, lending yourself to the cruel dependence.

The earth will go on, you do not get to choose.

your birth instills a forgotten soul, one whose set with nothing to lose.

Pondering, thought provoking, mind has power over all things. 

Wandering justice fought the Kings of crime, their honour lied with the prospects of glad tidings. 

If you have nothing to fight for, you have nothing to live for.

Grief are due on those lost to the sight of more, conflict saves the ring from the mind’s treacherous jaw.

Their level of reality shrouded by influence, their upbringing bleeds the opportunity they deserve

The devil of calamity crowded their presence, the singing seeds tunes it’s entity until it is that they serve

Bliss is mortality, imminency is waiting.

A kiss of reality, a legacy is there for the making.

Sol-her system 

light upon light seeps through the horizon and cuts the night. I look beyond the faded moon, catching solar and lunar together ending all too soon. Transition in harmony I walk, I hear, the calls of the crisp morning it draws me near, breathless, speechless, her beauty is so clear. I breath and whisper against the window pane as I kiss her for the day, her calmness keeps me sane. The mark where I made contact with her slowly fades the vapours shrinking in, calls of magpies and morning birds sets the rythmic scene. 

She illuminates those from their crescent nest, gives sustanance to flora, enlightens those from their loneliness. The cure of dreams, continously revolving through her generous beam. She penetrates the flesh unleashing her anger and wrath, destined for devastation, nothing stops her path. Moderation is her key, her kiss gives life but our addiction brings the worse of her calamities.

She awakens the dew forsaken land, evaporates what was left, renews the day of its soil and sand. The nocturnal sleep while others rise, the tanks and jeeps wage war on an industrial size. The animals hide, we don’t walk rather we take the ride on these war machine we take arms against the natural side. They converge to the hearts of the nation, building, progressing deceived by their own creation. Emitting the toxins which discriminates her blessed light, fauna suffers, their habitat choked and their airways become tight. The humans and their endless need for self satisfaction, she seduces those who bring about their own destruction.

Death’s life 

I have little to say and no where to go, I read what they tell me and copy what they show. Pessimist for the poor, optimist for the rich, I fight alone, heart raw, I am my own clique.
I only have myself to love, I only have myself to hate, except for the one above who can change my fate. This  mind, sublime, these rhymes, I ask myself will God commit another crime? NO!, I will not let myself go and blame God for humanity’s petty little sorrows.

I have missed the sweetness of faith, it’s like honey drawn from the most aromatic place, from where I use to find the gardens of peace, I felt at ease, I hope God is pleased at those who bow down to their knees.

My ears chewed the music, my mouth heard the calls of my stomach. I was never satisfied, I kept eating, pleasing myself till the day I died. What life could have been if I could see the unseen. I neglected  the reminders that were given to me.

Early to my coffin, I wait until late where I wake up more dead than alive, the very thing that God hates. To the right shines heaven, to the left burns hell, they lay so close together I can’t even tell, the devil beautifies it, I will not be deceived at what the arrogant sells. 

The train ride 

 Overpowered as those glances look down, not from humbleness but the robotic and rythmic sounds. It emanates towards the thing they hold, wires, artificial light, silent only for the current that passes through the cable. How befitting, silence to honour the thing that is our artificial life blood, I’m also guilty of this. 

I wait, many are late to where they must go, someone asks me “do you have 10s for a 20 dollar note”, I said “nah sorry I don’t”, balancing his asian accent with mine, still having my earphones in, I don’t know whether he heard me fine. 

I enter, jumping the gap between the platform and train, coming up with terrifying  scenarios, they run wild through my childish brain. I see faces, scanning those who pass, dreading those who are last. It’s just you and it’s barren, no sounds except for the murmuring engine. There is only one spot to look in fear you’ll catch the stare of a stranger, you hide it behind a book.

The only voices coming from the obnoxious ones, sunglasses hiding  the evil eye, they look directly at the sun. Light talk, the love of holding hands, they kiss, they whisper in their own little paradise land, as they too are restricted by the atmosphere which they cannot comprehend. It’s the law of the land, timeless and contagious, human nature which we cannot understand.