This life 

This life is filled with the many joys it has to offer, the bounties are almost endless. Things that we could see, the beauty which brings the coolness to our eyes yet could almost bring the fire to us and in us. 

To the lovely sound of majestic rhythm which penetrates through the body emotions are filled, heart beat turned upside down, the escape of this world can break you, yet we think this world won’t break us.

To the pleasant smells of aroma and the attraction of perfume which draw us near as we pear through the layers of textures which emanates from beauty itself, such blessing. The places to go, footprints the earth, the fresh new days that go by, Emotions which we experience feeds the soul and makes it bleed.

This world and its bounties I long to experience, I cannot keep up, I cannot keep up, love of this world has seeped into me, I breath it, I live it, may my heart guard against it,my heart belongs in heaven where I wish to experience every good that has ever happen and the spectacle that awaits us.


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