Amongst rough waters  

Your life, your choice 

Blunt knife, we shall rejoice.  

Your gender, your reason

You’re the defender of what faith you believe in.

We shouldn’t be forced to love, 

the rainclouds Open only by the permission above.

We follow the trends we set 

Yet this only offends those who take them as assets.

Expectations caving in.

Imaginations, our saving sins.

When will we wake up to our own originality?

When will the fake stop lying with their own fallacy?

Can we stop judging because we are our own perfection.

So to the grudging replace it with love, kindness and affection.

Love yourself first then love others. 

Decisions based on anger is a curse, be kind to your mothers.

Speak the truth as that will prevail.  Peak is your youth, only then can our ship sail. 


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