Here but dead 

I’m tired therefore I’m not wired to the brain, I let my desires control my inner fire. I cannot think nor can I talk, head so hazy, limp when I walk. I rather dream than experience this world, my body lazy, whimp and cold. Learning numbers and words becomes white, can’t even solve fundamental equations right. Mentally and mentality tired, that is what I’ve become. I stay rather than come to where I must go. I sit, ponder and let the world flow as I become the foam which doesn’t roam in the busy life filled with dogs chasing bones. 

Body drained from what the world gives and takes, useless, I float like a feather, harshness is the weather it blows me hard and I’m left just going with the flow, not thinking were I just I went, I died long ago, dispatched from my body from where I use To grow. I’ve sunked into darkness far away from home, my faith low but Im still here so long as my heart glows.


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