The train ride 

 Overpowered as those glances look down, not from humbleness but the robotic and rythmic sounds. It emanates towards the thing they hold, wires, artificial light, silent only for the current that passes through the cable. How befitting, silence to honour the thing that is our artificial life blood, I’m also guilty of this. 

I wait, many are late to where they must go, someone asks me “do you have 10s for a 20 dollar note”, I said “nah sorry I don’t”, balancing his asian accent with mine, still having my earphones in, I don’t know whether he heard me fine. 

I enter, jumping the gap between the platform and train, coming up with terrifying  scenarios, they run wild through my childish brain. I see faces, scanning those who pass, dreading those who are last. It’s just you and it’s barren, no sounds except for the murmuring engine. There is only one spot to look in fear you’ll catch the stare of a stranger, you hide it behind a book.

The only voices coming from the obnoxious ones, sunglasses hiding  the evil eye, they look directly at the sun. Light talk, the love of holding hands, they kiss, they whisper in their own little paradise land, as they too are restricted by the atmosphere which they cannot comprehend. It’s the law of the land, timeless and contagious, human nature which we cannot understand.


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