Death’s life 

I have little to say and no where to go, I read what they tell me and copy what they show. Pessimist for the poor, optimist for the rich, I fight alone, heart raw, I am my own clique.
I only have myself to love, I only have myself to hate, except for the one above who can change my fate. This  mind, sublime, these rhymes, I ask myself will God commit another crime? NO!, I will not let myself go and blame God for humanity’s petty little sorrows.

I have missed the sweetness of faith, it’s like honey drawn from the most aromatic place, from where I use to find the gardens of peace, I felt at ease, I hope God is pleased at those who bow down to their knees.

My ears chewed the music, my mouth heard the calls of my stomach. I was never satisfied, I kept eating, pleasing myself till the day I died. What life could have been if I could see the unseen. I neglected  the reminders that were given to me.

Early to my coffin, I wait until late where I wake up more dead than alive, the very thing that God hates. To the right shines heaven, to the left burns hell, they lay so close together I can’t even tell, the devil beautifies it, I will not be deceived at what the arrogant sells. 


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