Sol-her system 

light upon light seeps through the horizon and cuts the night. I look beyond the faded moon, catching solar and lunar together ending all too soon. Transition in harmony I walk, I hear, the calls of the crisp morning it draws me near, breathless, speechless, her beauty is so clear. I breath and whisper against the window pane as I kiss her for the day, her calmness keeps me sane. The mark where I made contact with her slowly fades the vapours shrinking in, calls of magpies and morning birds sets the rythmic scene. 

She illuminates those from their crescent nest, gives sustanance to flora, enlightens those from their loneliness. The cure of dreams, continously revolving through her generous beam. She penetrates the flesh unleashing her anger and wrath, destined for devastation, nothing stops her path. Moderation is her key, her kiss gives life but our addiction brings the worse of her calamities.

She awakens the dew forsaken land, evaporates what was left, renews the day of its soil and sand. The nocturnal sleep while others rise, the tanks and jeeps wage war on an industrial size. The animals hide, we don’t walk rather we take the ride on these war machine we take arms against the natural side. They converge to the hearts of the nation, building, progressing deceived by their own creation. Emitting the toxins which discriminates her blessed light, fauna suffers, their habitat choked and their airways become tight. The humans and their endless need for self satisfaction, she seduces those who bring about their own destruction.


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