Here but dead 

I’m tired therefore I’m not wired to the brain, I let my desires control my inner fire. I cannot think nor can I talk, head so hazy, limp when I walk. I rather dream than experience this world, my body lazy, whimp and cold. Learning numbers and words becomes white, can’t even solve fundamental equations right. Mentally and mentality tired, that is what I’ve become. I stay rather than come to where I must go. I sit, ponder and let the world flow as I become the foam which doesn’t roam in the busy life filled with dogs chasing bones. 

Body drained from what the world gives and takes, useless, I float like a feather, harshness is the weather it blows me hard and I’m left just going with the flow, not thinking were I just I went, I died long ago, dispatched from my body from where I use To grow. I’ve sunked into darkness far away from home, my faith low but Im still here so long as my heart glows.


Amongst rough waters  

Your life, your choice 

Blunt knife, we shall rejoice.  

Your gender, your reason

You’re the defender of what faith you believe in.

We shouldn’t be forced to love, 

the rainclouds Open only by the permission above.

We follow the trends we set 

Yet this only offends those who take them as assets.

Expectations caving in.

Imaginations, our saving sins.

When will we wake up to our own originality?

When will the fake stop lying with their own fallacy?

Can we stop judging because we are our own perfection.

So to the grudging replace it with love, kindness and affection.

Love yourself first then love others. 

Decisions based on anger is a curse, be kind to your mothers.

Speak the truth as that will prevail.  Peak is your youth, only then can our ship sail. 

This life 

This life is filled with the many joys it has to offer, the bounties are almost endless. Things that we could see, the beauty which brings the coolness to our eyes yet could almost bring the fire to us and in us. 

To the lovely sound of majestic rhythm which penetrates through the body emotions are filled, heart beat turned upside down, the escape of this world can break you, yet we think this world won’t break us.

To the pleasant smells of aroma and the attraction of perfume which draw us near as we pear through the layers of textures which emanates from beauty itself, such blessing. The places to go, footprints the earth, the fresh new days that go by, Emotions which we experience feeds the soul and makes it bleed.

This world and its bounties I long to experience, I cannot keep up, I cannot keep up, love of this world has seeped into me, I breath it, I live it, may my heart guard against it,my heart belongs in heaven where I wish to experience every good that has ever happen and the spectacle that awaits us.


She cannot be touched 

Our source of pride, we seem to gain from all the beauty she hides. Her delicacy and her character is what makes me fall from earth to heaven, she makes me lower my gaze, blessed is she who guards what God has given. She is look upon, frowned upon for the truth that she serves, we all think we know what she truly deserves, yet men and their desires are taken as truth instead of liars. I cannot touch what she has preserved, her beauty is not for me, honour, respect and dignity is what she deserves far beyond what we can see.


The soul, nothing physical, all intrinsic,  we feel it yet we don’t see it. Hearts are bound to the beat and the sound of all the things we hear, see and touch, leaves a profound impact of what we love so much. Desires have become our gods and we find artificial happiness from things that don’t belong, liars is what say to all truth that doesn’t lead astray, it has no place in our hearts like children playing with darts. Friendship has become selfish and caring has become malnourished, power and fame, love and its blame have all become what people call life’s game. We love money and mountains of this fragile piece , we become depressed, we find no true peace. Eloquent we try to speak yet we don’t even practice what we preach, let alone we don’t even teach. knowledge is no longer free, the poor become poorer engulfed by interest and fees, amounted their whole lives they live to free themselves from  the rich, they beg them to their knees. Music has become our language, memories we store and baggage in the hope we will relive them as we get old yet we don’t manage.

Living life during my childhood days, my soul was clean, I felt god’s Rays. Beautiful was the world in which imagination was the temporary heaven, free will took me to seven which I began to realise the cruel world we lived in. Eleven was the age when my soul began to die, exposed to all the filth, the rot, the lies. Love was no longer about the narrative but the sexual attraction. My eyes could not filter what I saw, heart trembling with the hormones I unconsciously became poor, beauty was a distort of things which were pleasant and short, I hate what was taught but what was I to do I had never been caught with the sins which ate my soul, the worm digging a hole barrowing itself right to the core,  I lost my ability to cry with the things which made me sore and the terrible things which I saw. May god take my soul in a state in which I feel the peace of eternity running through my body and rivers that flow and tears which roll down my cheek before they fall, right when everything begins to slow, may death come to me with a beautiful call.